Here are some quick bits of helpful information to help you get around Cusco. Please, don’t hesitate to ask us if you need help with anything else!


Always carry small bills and cash with you. The closest ATM is on Estrella street. Don’t take your coins for granted. Some are worth 1,2 and 5 soles.


When exchanging money, you can ask them to put their company stamp on each bill they give you, called their “sello”. This little stamp means if there is a problem with one of the bills, you can go back to the same exchange place and they have to exchange the bill.


If you use credit cards, you may be charged an extra 3-5% fee, so keep that in mind! Cash is key!

Altitude Sickness

It’s natural for guests to feel “altitude sickness” – shortness of breath, light headedness and feeling nauseous when doing activities in Cusco. Make sure that you drink plenty of water!


Our favorite remedy is a cup of coca tea which we provide for you in your room. We will happily assist you in making your first cup!


You can also get soroche pills from any pharmacy if you need something stronger.


Do not eat street food! Be careful when eating raw vegetables that may have been washed with contaminated water, and always peel your fruits.

Look for “Menu” during lunch for an excellent culinary experience. For a fixed price, you will receive a drink and entree of choice;  some menus also include a salad and dessert! These are great deals if you’re trying to eat on a budget.

Ask reception for our recommendations of favorite restaurants!



You can bargain for a better price when you shop. The shopkeepers expect it. Shop around first so you have a general idea of what things cost.

If someone won’t give you the price you want, feel free to move on. There are tons of shops selling the same thing.

Always carry small bills in soles with you because most smaller shops will only accept cash and may not have change for bigger bills.